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Welcome to

What is

E-mail Print PDF is a site dedicated to providing information about logo is independent from and BidRx, LLC. is a revolutionary way to purchase prescription drugs that puts the consumer back in control.  It operates on the priciple of open competetion and freedom of choice.


What is

E-mail Print PDF is a web site for consumers to obtain their prescription drugs using a transparent, free-market, method that provides the buying information needed to make wise purchases. works similar to travel booking sites. is not a pharmacy and they don't sell drugs (in the same way that travel booking sites are not airlines). 


Referral Code

E-mail Print PDF has recently made the referral code required when registering on their site.  A referral code can be obtained from an approved marketing agent of BidRx, LLC. is an approved marketing agent.

You can use the following referral code when registering:  INFORMED.  Or click on this link to go to the registration page with the referral code filled in: BidRx registration.



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