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PoorBest is a web site for consumers to obtain their prescription drugs using a transparent, free-market, method that provides the buying information needed to make wise purchases. works similar to travel booking sites. is not a pharmacy and they don't sell drugs (in the same way that travel booking sites are not airlines). has partnership agreements with certified US based pharmacies (in the same way that travel booking sites work with airlines and hotels). provides the purchase information you need and you make the final decision of where to purchase your prescription drugs. acts as an agent between you and the pharmacies. shows you participating pharmacies in your area, plus mail order pharmacies, including the pricing information for each pharmacy.  Only then can you make an informed decision.

Another great feature of is their Similar Product Price Comparison Report (SPPC report).  The SPPC report will take your prescription information and try to find other drugs that are used to treat the same conditions.  This could include generic products and other brand products.  The SPPC report shows the equivalent quantity suggested for each alternative and the most you would pay using  The final price for any alternative will likely be less as the pharmacies will have competing prices. It is suggested that you print the SPPC report and take it to your doctor to discuss the possibility of switching to one of the lower priced alternatives.  Please note that you must have a prescription for any product purchased using so if you do change to a different product, make sure to get a new prescription.